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Saturday, August 25, 2012


 My brother and his beautiful wife!!

 Isaac loves Amber!!

 I look enormous in this photo!! But this is all of my sisters and my mom!! 

 Derek was so excited!!

 Stealing a kiss!!
 Isaac loves his papa!!

All of us are crying after the father daughter dance!
Derek found a girlfriend!!

The boys still ask to go back to Stephanie's wedding! They had an amazing time!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Oh the many facial expressions of a newborn!! How I love them all!! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Joseph Ford

 Going to the hospital!! Oh the last week was torture but when it was finally time, we were all so happy!! 
 Joseph Ross Ford, born 8/10/12 at 9:09 pm.  7lbs 6oz 21 1/2 inches long

Mommy getting the first hold!!

Loving the little man so much!!  He was so alert and would crane his head to find me when I talked!! 
The proud Dad!!

I threw up through delivery but I was STARVING right after delivery and all we had we these Pringles but I did eat the entire can!! Yea for the end of hyperemisis!!  As soon as I delivered I took the Zofran pump off and was feeling wonderful!!
These boys were so excited to meet baby Joseph!! They could not stop holding him and giving him love!!

And the best part of our day was the birthday party the boys had for Joseph.  They sang to him and loved giving him his present!!
This little guy sleeps just like his mama!!
It was a long hard road to get Joseph here but he was worth it!! I love him so much and I am excited to see him grow and progress!  And I have to brag about my sweet little guy, he is such a good baby, he hardly cries.  But the best part is he is already sleeping 5 hours in the night!! He is truly amazing!!