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Monday, March 29, 2010

Food Strike OVER! YEAH!

Derek has been on strike! Not eating anything but oatmeal, kix, and fried eggs. On Sunday we finally broke him!! Waffles, strawberries and cool-whip (this was of course after he had his oatmeal)!! And the rest of the day he ate nonstop!!

Body Parts

Asking Derek to point/name your body parts can be very dangerous. Kurtis learned this lesson yesterday. Derek has razor sharp nails because he is so hard to hold down to cut them. Don't ask Derek to point to your mouth!

Ducks and Chickens!

Derek loves animals! His favorite song is Old MacDonald. Whenever we get in the car is asks for to see the horses and cows!! So going to his Grandma's house is a treat he gets to see the ducks and chickens!!

Daddy's Helper!

Thanks to grandma Derek got this awesome wagon. Kurtis and Derek has a blast putting it together. Derek loves it!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Snow MMM, MMM...

Derek loves to eat ice. Whenever I get a glass of water he follows me around saying "ice, ice, ice" until I break down and give him a piece. Well on Friday it snowed like crazy (and by 12 it was gone, yea!) so we took Derek outside. He was so happy because of the "ice". Kurtis and Derek were eating the snow and having a blast!!