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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Biker Boys

These were some happy boys!! They love motorcycles!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hyperemisis Gravidarum Part 2

I have been on the Zofran pump since the end of February.  I am feeling better, still throwing up only 1-2 times a day.  The real struggle has been moving from a bland to normal diet.  I still can not eat sugar or red meat.

Since being on the pump I have gain 5 lbs!! Yippee!! So this sadly prompted the insurance company to decided that I no longer "needed" the pump.  They told me that they would like to wean me off the pump to oral Zofran.  I would love to get off the pump and no longer stick myself and lug the pump around.  However when I asked the insurance company if I would be given 40 mg of Zofran tablets, they told me no only 16 mg a day. Hmmm.... I was surprised that this was the plan because with 40 mg of Zofran I still throw up daily.  I expressed my concern but the weaning process started.  Well to everyone's surprised I became very sick again with the lower rate of medicine, 32 mg a day.   My ketones were elevated (a sign of dehydration and lack of nutrition) and I lost 2 lbs (2 of my precious 5 lbs).  After 4 days on the lower rate through the pump they raised my rate back up to the 40 mg a day. 

I went to the  doctor this morning and they ordered another ultrasound to make sure that the baby is growing.  Apparently it is bad if you lose weight in the third trimester.  I am measuring 2 weeks behind but I feel the little guy kick all of the time!! I think he is strong and growing but we will have to see!  I am just hoping that I will start to feel good and I can not wait to meet this little guy!! I love him so much already!! 

Friday, June 15, 2012


We were able to visit Utah a few weeks ago!! The kids had a blast, riding with Grandpa on the tractor, riding in Bryce's "race car", and playing with the animals!! They can not wait to go back!!

Father and Sons Campout

My parents come out to drop off our new truck!! My Dad was in luck, it was the weekend of Father and Sons, so the boys went camping and the girls went to the mall!!


We were lucky to have our good friends come out to visit us in May!! We rode up the tram and had lunch, delicious!! On the way back down it was getting windy and Kurtis nearly had a panic attack in the tram.  hehe... Still not over his fear of heights.  Thanks for coming to see us Brian, Ashley and Mikey!! Who by the way is such a sweet little guy, I could keep him forever!!