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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nathan and Amber AKA Nay-Nay and Mamaber

So we were planning on hiking but when we got to the mountain we found out that it was closed because of sever fire danger... so we drove up to Santa Fe instead and went to the Loretto Chapel. It is the chapel with the stair case that make two complete 365 degree turns with no center support or wall support and is believed to be built by and angel.

While Nathan and Amber were here we got to go to the park. The boys loved it!

We loved having them come and visit!! And the boys miss having all of the extra attention!!

Splash Park

It is hot here in ABQ but we love the splash park!

OH The Love...

Derek finished his Popsicle and told me, "Don't worry mom, Isaac share his." Hmmm....

Isaac licks the Popsicle and them says "ahhhh" over and over!!

Do I love these boys or what!!