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Monday, July 27, 2009

Garden Peas

The peas from the garden are Derek's favorite food!! I am happy when he likes healthy food!!

Going to Chruch

I sat Derek down so that I could get ready for church.  When I came out of the bedroom to check on him I found him standing on his airplane to get a toy at the back of the basket!! He is getting to brave and I am worried he is going to fall and hurt his head! 

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Steel Days Car Show!

Every year in the park across the street from our house they have a car show!! And it is a big deal this year there were 122 cars, trucks and motorcycles!! It was really, really hot but totally worth it!! Look at these cool cars!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Big Helper

Today I cleaned my refrigerator! And lets just say I had a big helper!

Thanks Grandma!

Grandma got Derek this super fun airplane! He loves it!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Primary Quilt

For my birthday my Mom got me the pattern and material to make this Primary quilt. This is my first quilt that had hand embroidery and I loved it! Embroidery is so much fun! All of the blocks are Primary songs and the border is the words of I am a Child of God! I am almost done and I think it looks really good I am excited to give it to Derek!!

Learning to Walk

Learning to walk is hard work! It take a lot of courage to let go and take a step but Derek is getting more and more courage everyday!! He is now walking with the walking toy!! What a big guy!


My bag of flour got a hole in it! So the flour spilled all over the mat in my kitchen my curious dog got in the way when I went outside to shake out the rug and well you can see what happened.

Oklahoma and the Trip Home.

When we got to Grand Junction, CO there was a fun carnival!!! And there was a tornado!! And before we left Grandma gave Derek a sucker!! HE LOVED IT!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

For Bryce!! Trip to Oklahoma!

Sorry I have not updated the blog regularly the past few weeks but life has been well kind of crazy!! Here ya go!!

We drove to Oklahoma and yes we took the dog. So we have a hatch back car... and the is plenty of room in the back for Bruiser. But when we hit the rumble strips on the road he gets scared! And who does he love? Me so he jumps from the back of the car to front at my feet!!

Kurtis insited that Bruiser needed to get out and go potty! Really he wanted to go shooting.

Derek was awesome for such a long car ride!!
This video is of Kurtis' Father's Day card!! Very funny! Kurtis had a good first Father's Day!!