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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Sure Do Like Those Christmas Cookies

We made cookies for Santa! Derek loved it!

Isaac was loving the frosting!

Picking out the right cookies for Santa!

Derek's favorite Christmas ornaments!

Gingerbread House

Great Grandma Ford made Derek this gingerbread house! He loved it, but I am not sure if Derek or Kurtis had more of the candy.

Utah Snow

We miss the snow living in ABQ but we did get a good storm when we were in Utah for Thanksgiving!

Yummy Food...

Isaac would love to just nurse. So I wait to start him on solid food until he was 7 months! He likes to feed himself and I think he is super cute! And yes his hair matches the carrots!

Monday, December 13, 2010


So while in Utah Derek decided that he no longer needed a nap... this coincided with us taking the Binky away but maybe that is just a coincidence. So Derek now goes to bed at 7 pm and sleeps until almost 8 am. I am not really complaining because I love having time just Kurtis and I at night but I am apologizing for my disheveled state. When Derek and Isaac would nap I would do things like, clean the house and make dinner, but more importantly I would paint my toes and pluck my eyebrows. So when you see me with bushy eyes and unpolished toes just know that I am sorry, grooming has had to take a backseat to active 2yr old!!