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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day Cookies!!

Test Results...

So after having weeks and weeks of testing, testing everything from my heart to my brain, the results are in. The only things that they could find was 1. Low sodium (telling a pregnant women to eat more salt is crazy 10g more a day) 2. Low iron (they gave me prescription iron pills and they still make me super sick) 3. Scaring on my brain (cause unknown, but they think it was the seizure) 4. Super low blood pressure (like 90/50 after walking stairs). So with all of these results what can we do about it... nothing! That's right so, I am just praying to have a sweet healthy baby boy born and then I hope I will be fine again. I have been feeling better with the increase in iron and sodium but still I pass out on a weekly basis! But again the baby is fine! He is a trouper!