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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Lizards!

The boys catching a playing with and rollie pollie bug!
Derek found a tiny lizard and Kurtis put it on his shirt and he loved it!
Derek was so proud he kept telling me and showing my the lizard!

We are all boy at this house!

Ward Camp Out

The ward camp out was a lot of fun! We split dinner with a couple of other families and it was delicious!! I had never made anything in a dutch oven before but it was really good!

But the kids favorite part of camping in the tent and the air mattress! It is like a trampoline!

The wind-up...
The crash! lol

After getting the kiddos settled down, the slept like rocks!! Me on the other had a hard time sleeping, just a typical worrying mom! But man do we love camping!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


The boys were so excited!! Derek loves to go camping!

Building the fire is Kurtis' favorite part of camping! They boys could not get enough!
The fire flared up and caught the bacon grease on fire! Yikes! But the bacon was saves and the fire contained!

All the boys wanted to do was play in the steam by the camp site!

Isaac looking at the dirt on his hands!
Me looking at the boys getting wet and dirty and thinking about cleaning it up! lol!
But it was worth it because they loved it!

What a handsome guy!!
I could eat him up!
So sad that it was time to get out of stream and go home!! But we are going on the ward camp out this weekend and man are we excited!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My Dad loves ice cream as much as I do, but I only give it to the boys on occasion. While in Oklahoma, the boy had ice cream whenever they asked for it (perk of being a grandparent)!! And man did they put on a few pounds!! But they loved it.
Isaac loving my sister Stephanie!
Derek and Justin were best friends!! Justin is awesome with kids!!
Chris and Derek reunited!! Oh, the love!!
My parents took us the Science Museum!! The kids loved it and keep asking to go back!

Derek on a segway!

The slide was sooooo tall!!

Derek loved the robot!
But was scared of the gush of air entering the space exhibit!

Flight simulator, so cool!
Derek getting ready to fly!!

We love Oklahoma and wish we could visit more!!