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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Derek and his best friend!! He tells me everyday, "Mom, Miles is my best friend."

Best Present EVER

This year I did it! I found the best present ever for Kurtis! An indoor skeet shooting game!

Oh Isaac can hardly stand the anticipation!

Kurtis shooting the skeet!

Best shot of the night!

Kurtis' Birthday!

Derek was so excited to open the presents!!

Kurtis told me that he was on a diet and did not want cake this year for his birthday!! Well the kids insisted on cake and so came the compromise. The first cupcake is suppose to be broccoli and noodles (Kurtis favorite meal) but it look more like brains and broccoli. :( But the apples turned out cute!

Isaac is a pyromaniac!

Hair Cut

The kids do not love getting hair cuts! But they look so handsome when they are done!!

Fun at the Zoo

Derek is roaring like a lion!

The seals are the boys favorite animal!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


6:00 AM : Isaac wakes up happy and ready for the day!
8:00 AM : Isaac has a bit of a runny nose and I notice a tooth about to break through (I need to wipe it once every hour, no big deal). My kiddos always get a runny nose with a new tooth!
10:00 AM Friends over to play.
1:00 PM Isaac is starting to cough.
5:00 PM Kurtis comes home and plays with the kids.
8:00 PM Isaac is coughing hard, so hard that he threw up his dinner.
9:00 PM Isaac goes to bed.
1:00 AM Isaac wakes up crying. I go to check on him and he is breathing like he was running a marathon!

I knew when I got Isaac out of bed that he had RSV! It went around the school I taught at so I had seen it before. It is super aggressive and in a matter of hours Isaac could not breath! When we got to the doctor Isaac's pulse was 188 and O2 level only 85 (should be 95 or higher for a healthy child). Once on O2 Isaac's level was up to 95! Yea that was good news because we did not have to be admit to the hospital and we could go home with the oxygen therapy! We went back to the doctor on Friday and Isaac's O2 was up to 88 on his own! So better but not good enough to be off O2!! We go back tomorrow and we will find out if we need another week of O2!! Isaac is such a trooper and he really acts like he feels fine except he can't breath!